Immunology is one of our top areas of expertise.  We have the capabilities to custom develop and validate GLP-compliant methods: 

- Qualitative and quantitative ELISA assays for detection of test substances or innovative therapeutic agents in formats such as direct, sandwich, bridge, competitive.

- Flow cytometry assays for:

•  Immunophenotyping of lymphocytes and other blood cells
•  Specific cell surface or intracellular marker combinations for the
   diagnosis and prognosis of hematopoetic cancers
•  Detection of peripheral CECs

- Immunohistochemical methods for the detection and quantification of protein expressions (intracellular or cell surface markers)

- Immunoblotting, immunophenotyping and immunoprecipitation methods

- Development, purification and characterization of antibodies

- Detection of cytokines, chemokines, antibodies and other biomarkers with the xMAP technology on the Luminex



These are only a few examples of CIRION's service offering. For more information, or a special request, please contact us toll free at 1-866-688-2474 or by e-mail at


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