CIRION Center™

The CIRION Center™ is a highly efficient computerized GLP-compliant platform, unique to CIRION.  The CIRION Center™ is specifically designed to allow our dedicated Project Managers to monitor critical project parameters in a rigorously controlled environment.  Thus, all information, communications, tasks and specificities of your clinical research projects are integrated into one comprehensive system and database.  An audit trail is available for every parameter programmed in the platform.

The following project parameters are documented:

  • General project and site information
  • Important study contacts
  • Test profile requirements per visit
  • Collection Kit design and barcode label configuration
  • Sample reception per patient/visit
  • Data Queries Forms documenting discrepancies
  • Laboratory results and laboratory reports


With the information available in the CIRION Center™, many reports are readily available such as:

  • Patients screened and enrolled in the study
  • Patient visits missing in the study
  • Samples received in the study
  • Samples missing in the study
  • And others 

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