Data Management

CIRION's data management team is committed to delivering clean data, on time and in the format you have requested.

Data Management Deliverables

  • Database design and set-up
  • Database design validation and testing
  • Data management plan
  • Data import and export
  • Database management and maintenance
  • Data quality control and validation checks


Laboratory Reports

  • Various formats available: paper, NCR, fax and electronic copy
  • Customized patient management reports using advanced IT capabilities
  • Customized testing parameters to show Inclusion/Exclusion criteria results
  • Results shown in Systems International (SI) and/or conventional units


Real-time Data Cleaning

At CIRION, we understand the value of clean data and the value of time. 

Thanks to our real-time data cleaning procedures and strict oversight by the Project Management Team, there is no need to wait to the end of your project to obtain clean data. This way, your final EDT can be issued very shortly after the last patient visit.

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Electronic Data Transfers (EDT)

  • A EDT transfer agreement is written to outline your key study data requirements to ensure the data is delivered in the format you require on time according to your schedule.
  • Available in various electronic formats: ASCII (pipe delimited or fixed length), Excel, Access, HTML and CDISC data standards.
  • Results shown in International Systems of Units (SI) and/or conventional units.
  • All EDTs undergo a strict quality control (QC) procedure to ensure they are error free and according to your study requirements.



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