Customized Project Material - IATA Compliant

Customized Specimen Collection Kits

The configuration of collection kits and the minimum supply quantity shipped to the sites are pre-determined with together with the partner. The kits are then prepared JIT (Just in Time) in unit packages by our logistics department and shipped to each site, pre-labeled with site, study, visit id and expiry date.

All custom designed visit-specific specimen collection kits include: 

  • Specimen collection supplies
  • Collection tubes and aliquots
  • Bar-coded labels for each tube
  • Pre-printed laboratory requisition forms


All shipping documents and instructions for the return shipment of samples to CIRION are sent along with the kits.  Investigative Sites can reorder kits at any time through an easy process described in the Laboratory Manual.  The re-supply process can also be automated upon request.  A turnaround of 5 working days for kit delivery is guaranteed for sites in North America. 

Project-Specific Laboratory Manual 

CIRION will develop a laboratory manual for use as a training and reference tool by the investigators.  The laboratory manual provides project-specific tools, instructions and information including:

  • Review of laboratory services
  • Description of supplies by visit
  • Specimen collection, preparation and storage procedures
  • Retest instructions
  • Packaging instructions
  • Shipment instructions
  • Reference ranges, flags and alerts
  • Instructions for re-supply of material
  • Important contact information



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