GLP Specimen Storage

CIRION offers long term storage at -20°C, -80°C and in liquid nitrogen.  CIRION has an automated environmental monitoring from Rees Scientific linked to the central alarm system which monitors critical parameters such as temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide of our refrigerators, freezers, LN2 Tanks, incubators and ultra-low freezers. All of our -80°C freezer units are linked to a central alarm system and have an integrated universal power supply allowing emergency relocation.  CIRION's generator is tested weekly and automatically supplies electrical power in the event of a power failure.  All facilities employ secure access systems and video surveillance.


Our specimen storage services include the following features:

  • Storage at any temperature: -20°C, -80°C and liquid nitrogen
  • Stand-by "at temperature" units always available
  • Stand-by generator in case of power failure
  • Bar-coded sample management system
  • Full inventory, chain of custody and management control to the vial level
  • 24/7 monitoring and alarm response
  • Routine freezer maintenance performed and documented

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