Real-Time Data Cleaning

Why wait to the end of a project to clean data when it is possible to perform real-time data cleaning? 

Here is how we do it:

  • At the time samples arrive at our facilities, we employ our data query procedures to all demographic inconsistencies: at the scan of the barcode label of the samples, our automated computerized system performs 15 independent data quality control checks on each sample and these are reconciled on a daily basis in real time
  • If a discrepancy is detected, a data query form (DQF) is automatically sent to the site requesting clarification on the same day
  • If this is not reconciled within a fixed time, the DQF is escalated to our client or client's CRO
  • As such, the sites are responsive, a document trail is created and the client is aware of site compliance issues before real problems arise.


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